The White Crane Kung Fu Studio was established in 1972 by Inside Kung Fu Magazine  “Hall of Fame” in 1983 and 1987, the author and producer of the feature film Sidekicks,  Sifu Lou Illar.  As a pFame_Cover_3secrofessor of Communication Arts and History, Sifu Lou Illar authored the only text on the history of Chinese in Louisiana 

We are a traditional Kung fu school that helps individuals and families focus on Strength, Balance, Self-Defense, Stress-Management, Mindfulness,  and more.  At the same time, we use the collective energy in the studio to engage comKevin Chinese Church 2016munity projects and performances, as well as National and International martial arts tournaments.  

The Shaolin Monks practiced mindfulness over 1,500 years ago, during the development of the art of Kung Fu. The monks discovered the  practice of Kung Fu was much more than a fighting system for self-defense. The intense mind-body mindfulness training developed the monks spiritual level and what appeared to be super-human powers. 

Quality Instruction: Like monks of old, our school holds instructors that are not only fine martial artists but extremely effective communicators who work as professional educators on college campuses or government offices. Few note the doctors, lawyers, engineers, law enforcement, and health professionals that have developed because of our training and the fact that frequently our training instruction is assisted by these successful students who have grown into successful professionals.  Read more at About Us

Our Teaching Methods

As a responsible educational institute of self-defense, our studio must teach self- defense as an art yet recognize the responsibility of providing each individual an improved sense of security that is functional and realistic witArja, Johanna, Kayci, Keeley, and Duyen. 1hin the present context of violence in our society. No doubt teachers, police officers, blue collar workers, and medical personnel face a workplace that can at times become very threatening. On the other hand, college and high school students naturally surround themselves with friends that provide a continuing sense of social security that can readily disregard common sense and effectively spawn indifference and ignorance of any threat to their own well-being

What You Learn

Self-defense, increased strength, improved balance and flexibility – Our training program consists of Chi gung Studies, Nei Gung Studies and traditional form studies (sets of exercises that are progressively more intricate), and partnered application training, (learning how to defend yourself against punches, kicks, grabs, chokes, etc. )

Stress Management and more – You will learn how to manage stress and cultivate a higher level of personal energy through a discipline that positively affects your entire personality even your diet. The exercise methods employed follow two traditional forms of instruction, “Chi Gung” and Nei Gung. (Nei Gung derives its benefits of strengthening the body through the isometric tension of structured polarity. Chi Gung’s benefits are more subtle and oriented to the focus of breath expansion and contraction). “Chi Gung” exercises are often a microcosm of lightness or flow of movement while Nei Gung develops a coordinated blast of power from a developed full body utilization of body intelligence and polarity. Through both strength and flexibility are enriched. They are often referred to as Chinese yoga or cardio exercises, but the breathing and the focus make both unique. These exercises are both classified as having the benefits of a neurogenesis brain stimulation. They are active forms of meditation. In short, they provide the dynamics for brain cell development through the discovery of inner peace. Kids and even adults become wiser.

Increase vitality, health, and longevity – You will learn how to manage certain physiological factors that will increase your vitality, maintain good health and increase longevity  Read More  at  What You Will Learn

Tranquility in a Chaotic Mind

Having a background in the instruction of Conflict Communication, Master Illar’s teaching methods focus on developing controls over impulsive behavior as well as the personal understanding that causes fear, anger, and greed that too often determine our success in resolving conflict rather than controlling it.

Each student in our program learns how to be patient, clear minded and focused because they have learned to productively counterbalance fear, anger, and greed. In doing so they are not only open to non-violent resolution but better able to control their responses to their   Read More at Teaching Methods