Women and Kung Fu

Women and Kung Fu

The program for women focuses on developing strength, balance, self-defense, stress-management, mindfulness, and more.  The exercise methods employed follow two traditional forms of instruction, Chi Gung and Nei Gung. (Nei Gung derives its benefits of strengthening the body through the isometric tension of structured polarity. Chi Gung’s benefits are more subtle and oriented to the focus of breath expansion and contraction). 

Often referred to as Chinese yoga or cardio exercises, Chi Gung and Nei Gung breathing and the focus make both unique. These exercises are both classified as having the benefits of a neurogenesis brain stimulation. They are active forms of meditation. In short they provide the dynamics for brain cell development through the discovery of inner peace.

Historically, girls were required to learn grace and manners through the discipline of sword instruction. It was royal tradition to have girls perform sword dances before the emperor. The sword dance was an enticing and elegant display of Kung Fu.

Arja, Johanna, Kayci, Keeley, and Duyen. 1

From Left: Arja, Johanna, Kayci, Keeley, and Duyen. – November 10, 2014

One old fable tells the story of Tsou Fe Yet, a famous swordswoman who had such light feet, she danced in the palm of the emperor’s hand. Another famous legend has it that King Tsu Ba Wa was so rough and tough no woman dared to set foot in his home. His cruelty was infamous, until the day he witnessed the sword dance of Lu Tse. He found her movement enticing and highly entertaining. She gradually won his favor and they fell in love. Her personal charm was so intense that, through her sword dancing, he was softened and changed. In time he became a notoriously happy and gentle ruler.

Traditionally, the power of the sword lies not in the sharpness of the blade, but rather in the beauty and warmth of the heart which guides it. Such has been the purpose of many a female Kung

Sarah D Pollet

Sarah D. Pollet tweaking her entire nervous system in a single spinal Nei Gung or Chinese yoga exercise

Fu expert. Their grace and elegance from kick to empty hand or closed fist they perform the art with flair to create a beautiful but when needed brutal art.

Some may forget but before Disney fabricated the Panda Kung Fu animated movie, their recreation of Mulan into an American animated film broke box office records and at the same time opened a new market for Kung Fu movies and schools. In the movie, Mulan (whose name was actually Hua Mulan) is depicted as being unskilled with weapons. The “real” Mulan, on the other hand, was said to have practiced with many different weapons. The area in which she was believed to have lived was known for practicing Kung Fu and for being skilled with the sword.

We provide our schools with a glimpse of Mulan’s character, and elegance every time one of our female students demonstrates her Kung Fu.

Self-Defense Program for Women

There is an even more compelling reason for our school to develop women with special Kung Fu skills. We provide a unique service by arming each with the confidence and skill training, as Mulan proved to be quite necessary in her time.

Women today must be courageous, quick-thinking, and unstoppable because our college campuses and our homes from city to city groom criminal sex offenders. Prevention through self-awareness studies and communication skills can prevent attacks before they begin.

According to the 2014 White House report titles “Not Alone: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault” one in five women is sexually assaulted during her college residency. The report tackles the issue of campus sexual assault, and it gives guidelines for universities to implement prevention of such attacks.  Source:  https://www.notalone.gov/assets/report.pdf

The number of “forcible rapes” that get reported at four-year colleges increased 49 percent between 2008 and 2012. That’s the finding of an analysis by NPR’s Investigative Unit of data from the Department of Education. That increase shows that sexual assault is a persistent and ugly problem on college campuses. But there’s also a way to look at the rise in reports and see something positive: It means more students are willing to come forward and report this underreported crime. They want to fight back. “It’s a good thing that more victims are reporting because they’re getting the help and support they need from their institutions,” says Daniel Carter, a veteran advocate for better campus safety laws.

“For far too long, they’ve been left on their own. And now they’re getting the help they need, which is the first step in healing and recovery and ultimately … finishing their education as wholly as possible.” Carter is the director of a group called 32 National Campus Safety Initiative. He says there’s still a long way for schools to go. Source: http://www.npr.org/2014/04/30/308276181/campus-rape-reports-are-up-and-there-might-be-some-good-in-that

Mulan was and remains “for real”!

Research of American college students suggests that white women, prior victims, first-year students, and more sexually active women are the most vulnerable to sexual assault.

If ever there needs to be promoted and supported it is our special skills class for women on college campuses and also at our Kung Fu school which offers a more intense program. Our mission is to not only to prevent these attacks but to grant each woman the keys to survival and the means of activating these very special skills. Timing comes with patience. Patience allows for selective vision and focus to develop. Selective vision exploits weakness. Weakness succumbs to a devastating, and lethally effective exit and satisfactorily re-entry provides peace. Thus this program stimulates self-awareness of the destructive power of fear, and distractive intimidation. In doing so, we produce confident and patient women as students of Mulan.

Patience comes from Mindful Relaxation.


Laura in a Houston form competition

According to legend Mulan fought for twelve years and during that time she was offered twelve ranks as a way to reward her for her skill in battle. Then, according to both the Disney film and the legend, Mulan chose to return home to live a quiet life with her family. She turned down a title that would have been bestowed upon her for her skill in battle.

Like Mulan women of all ages learn self-defense, increased strength, improved balance and flexibility.   

Women learn how to manage stress and cultivate a higher level of personal energy through a discipline that positively affects your entire personality even your diet. The exercise methods employed follow two traditional forms of instruction, Chi Gung and Nei Gung.

Women performa in cross-cultural events and perform their Kung Fu skills Chinese New Year and special event throughout the year.


2016 Chinese New Year Demonstration


2016 Chinese New Year Demonstration