Parents of Students

White Crane Kung Fu Improves Health and Well-Being!

My two sons started Kung Fu under SiFu Lou Illar two years ago at ages 11 and 8. At that time, my 11-year-old had Asperger tendencies, Asthma, allergies and a host of other problems. Both of my sons have benefitted immeasurably. My now, 13 years old has matured unable have become amazingly skilled in so many ways. They are excited to come to class and look forward to working hard! Kung Fu has had a positive impact on our entire family!


White Crane Kung Fu Students Excel in Sports and the Classroom!

My two sons attended the White Crane Studio for several years between the ages of five and twelve. We only stopped attending due to increased school activities and the thirty mile drive from our home to the studio.

While at the White Crane Studio, my sons greatly increased their physical agility and conditioning as well as their ability to concentrate on and stick to a task. Their school work reflected this increased concentration – and still does to this day.

Both boys are now long distance runners who excel at their sport. I attribute their running prowess to the qualities acquired through Kung Fu study. Both attained a baseline physical structure to hold themselves in a proper running posture and the ability to focus their minds and push beyond the pain experienced in long distance races.

In addition, my sons participated in Chinese New Year demonstrations. They experienced performing before crowds. Now, neither has any reluctance to make presentations to a class or any audience.

The instruction at the White Crane Studio is exceptional. Sifu Lou Illar is an experienced educator who is also trained and skilled in Kung Fu. It is his extensive knowledge of education that is his strength in teaching this art to young people. As a parent, I recommend the White Crane Studio as a place to enrich your child’s physical and mental acuity.

C. O.

White Crane Kung Fu Student Overcomes Life Challenges!

Our son Joey was diagnosed with Tourettes and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD several years ago. He had no friends in school and was shunned by other students. We were told by his teachers and doctors that he may never graduate high school.  I brought him to White Crane and explained his situation. He was taught how to focus and that he head no limits. He graduated high school,has two young boys and is in college working towards becoming a teacher. Thank you, Sifu.