Community Support

Supporting the Community Since the 1970’s

The White Crane Studio has raised over $350,000 for local, state and national charities

Since the 1970’s, the White Crane Studio has demonstrated its principles and has been recognized in international publications and television for its dynamic Kung Fu demonstrations, work with individuals with disabilities and its charitable involvement.

Since the 1970’s the White Crane Studio has been actively involved in assisting those in our community in need. Whether helping children with disabilities, the elderly or animal shelters, the White Crane Studio demonstrated the commitment to preserving life and improving our world for the future generations.

Charities such as The Council on Aging, YMCA, Carville Hospital, Indo-Chinese Resettlement Program, Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Spina Bifida Association have benefited from years of dedication to those in our community.

Selected Articles, Thanks You Notes and Appreciation Letters


Arts and Humanities Council of Greater Baton Rouge October 1978

East Baton Rouge Council on Aging, June 1979



Lou Illar on Taiwan television 1982

Spina Bifida Fundraiser August 1983

East Baton Rouge Council on Aging, December 1983

New Orleans Children’s Hospital December 1983

City of Baton Rouge Proclamation of White Crane Kung Fu Week February 5, 1984 for supporting the Council on Aging, Baton Rouge Safety Council and the Spina Bifida Association of Baton Rouge.

Chinese American Business and Professional Association of Louisiana, Inc. September 9, 1985

Turkey Day Race since 1986 has been managed and supported by the White Crane Studio to fund Spina Bifida Association of Greater New Orleans programs


Turkey Day Race 1990 -1999 fundraiser for the Spina Bifida Association of Greater New Orleans For more information see

Southeaster Louisianan University 1991

Sidekicks Feature Film Story 1991

Chinese New Year 1994


The White Crane Studio manages the New Orleans Athletic Club “Turkey Day Race” started in 1907. This is one of the oldest and most continuously held races in the U.S. For more information see

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Since 2003, the White Crane Studio has assisted the “Games To Unite Body and Mind” (GUMBO) with their annual event for children. Sports for Individuals with Physical and Visual Disabilities.

Gumbo Charity

Gumbo Charity





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2004 GUMBO Letter of Appreciation

2013 Chinese New Year at the Chinese Presbyterian Church.

Chinese New Year 2013
















White Crane Studio assisted animal rescue charities and saved thousands of lives from euthanasia.

Throughout the decade the White Crane Studio raised funds to rescued, rehabilitate and find homes for thousands of dogs and cats in the local community. Many of these rescued pets have found caring homes from Maine to Florida and many of the states in-between. All of these dogs and cats lives would have been terminated had it not been through the efforts of volunteers working with local shelters and Vet Adoptions.

How you can help!
To adopt go to or visit your local animal shelter and save a life.

Compassion and Kindness

The White Crane Studio works with Vet Adoptions and shelters to rescue animals off the streets of the city that face no other alternative but a slow painful death due to heartworms and diseases or euthanasia from local animal control facilities. We provide them with veterinary care, including spay/neuter, foster care and help to find them permanent homes. We are a no-kill agency that does not euthanize animals due to lack of space or time. We rescue animals that are in desperate need of being saved, such as cases of abandonment, abuse and emergency. We educate the public about responsible animal guardianship and the need to control pet overpopulation. We assist the public with care for their animals via financial assistance, training, or education.