About Us

Established in 1972 by Inside Kung Fu Magazine  “Hall of Fame” in 1983 and 1987, the author and produce of the feature film Sidekicks,  Sifu Lou Illar.  As a professor of Communication Arts and History, Sifu Lou Illar authored the only text on the history of Chinese in Louisiana 


The White Crane Studio teaches Kung Fu at all levels and all ages.

We are a traditional Kung fu school that helps individuals and families focus on Strength, Balance, Self-Defense, Stress-Management, Mindfulness,  and more.  At the same time we use the collective energy in the studio to engage community projects and performances, as well as National and International martial arts tournaments.

What do your learn

Strength, Balance, Self-Defense, Stress-Management, Mindfulness, Energy Cultivation and The Art of Living Well !

For more information about classes call

Baton Rouge Studio:  Phone: (225) 272-3686

New Orleans Studio:  Phone: (504) 390-3888

Stress Management and Mindfulness

You will learn how to manage stress and cultivate a higher level of personal energy through a discipline that positively affects your entire personality even your diet.

The exercise methods employed follow two traditional forms of instruction, Chi Gung and Nei Gung. (Nei Gung derives its benefits of strengthening the body through the isometric tension of structured polarity. Chi Gung’s benefits are more subtle and oriented to the focus of breath expansion and contraction).


Chi Gung exercises are often a microcosm of lightness or flow of movement while Nei Gung develops a coordinated blast of power from a developed full body utilization of body intelligence and polarity. Through both strength and flexibility are enriched.

They are often referred to as Chinese yoga or cardio exercises, but the breathing and the focus make both unique. These exercises are both classified as having the benefits of a neurogenesis brain stimulation. They are active forms of meditation. In short they provide the dynamics for brain cell development through the discovery of inner peace. Children and even adults become wiser.

Increase vitality, health and longevity

You will learn how to manage certain physiological factors that will increase your vitality, maintain good health and increase longevity. Some of these factors are 1) muscle mass 2) strength 3) basal metabolic rate 4) body muscle to fat percentage 5) aerobic capacity and 6) bone density.Other factors you will manage with the assistance of your physician are 7) blood pressure 8) cholesterol (HDL) level and  9) blood-sugar tolerance. *Kevin Chinese Church 2016

Today we continue an ancient tradition that teaches American audiences self defense, weapons training, animal forms, increased vitality, Chi Gung and Nei Gung, as well as advanced study in fighting.   Our dedication to promote positive change in the world through Kung fu is guided by Master Illar, and our achievements are recognized around the world.

The Gift of Focus and Courage

The Shaolin Monks found, over 1500 years ago, that Kung Fu training was much more than a fighting system for self-defense. Intense mind-body training can be developed to nearly a Spiritual level. In appearance at times, it borders on super physical strength on one hand and on the other it is a simple functional approach to developing daily health and mindfulness.

Students who have begun this journey find it never ending. Many of children have excelled academically and have grown into adults as successful professionals. Adults improve physical and mental conditioning, while others after 10 years of Kung Fu study have not only acquired incredible self-defense and weapon skills but Ph.D.’s from accredited universities.

Quality Instruction

Like monks of old, our school holds instructors that are not only fine martial artists but extremely effective communicators who work as professional educators on college campuses or government offices. Few note the doctors, lawyers, engineers, law enforcement, and health professionals that have developed because of our training and the fact that frequently our training instruction is assisted by these successful students who have grown into successful professionals.

* Evans Ph.D., W., Irwin H. Resenberg M.D. and Jacqueline Thompson, Biomarkers – The 10 Keys to Prolonging Vitality, Simon & Schuster, 1992   – Since the mid 1980’s aging research has be conducted at prestigious institutions throughout the U.S. in particular at he USDA Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.